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Job Title Location Date
College Intern Technical CyberPatriotSchriever AFB, CO04/22/2014
2660 Systems Engineer 3Schriever AFB, CO04/22/2014
2736 Systems Administrator 3Schriever AFB, CO04/22/2014
2757 Geospatial Engineer 3Schriever AFB, CO04/22/2014
2758 Information Sys Project Mgr 2Schriever AFB, CO04/22/2014
2698 Sensor Analyst 3Schriever AFB, CO04/21/2014
2749\2750 Network Monitoring Tech 3Schriever AFB, CO04/21/2014
MDSC Engineering and Sustainment LeadSchriever AFB, CO04/21/2014
2728 Configuration Controller 4Schriever AFB, CO04/10/2014
2738 Cyber Forensic Specialist 4Schriever AFB, CO04/10/2014
Engineer Systems 2Schriever AFB, CO04/09/2014
Mgr Systems Engineering 1Schriever AFB, CO04/09/2014
HBSS Server Systems EngineerSchriever AFB, CO04/03/2014
Systems Administrator 2Schriever AFB, CO03/28/2014
2723\2725 Network Security Engineer 3Schriever AFB, CO03/19/2014
Engineer Network 2Schriever AFB, CO03/04/2014
2702 Software Engineer 2Schriever AFB, CO03/03/2014
2700\2701 Software Engineer 1Schriever AFB, CO02/04/2014
Operations ControllerSchriever AFB, CO12/23/2013

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2660 Systems Engineer 3 - Schriever AFB, CO
Reference Code: 14009307
2736 Systems Administrator 3 - Schriever AFB, CO
Reference Code: 14009091
2757 Geospatial Engineer 3 - Schriever AFB, CO
Reference Code: 14009096
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